Transformative infrastructures symposium, Manchester, February 2018

Participants at the symposium

The final symposium within the EVALUATE project was held in Manchester, on the 1st and 2nd of February. The symposium featured ca. 30 participants and speakers from across the world. Its purpose was to advance thinking on low carbon futures in relation to energy equity and justice concerns. More broadly, the symposium gave a stronger voice to the socio-material, political and vulnerability dimensions of energy transformations. Recent research has, for example, highlighted the multiple and uneven implications of energy-system dynamics, informed by, inter alia,political ecology, assemblage, precarity, and justice-based frameworks. We see such contributions as only the beginning of a more theoretically-informed conversation on the (re)production of inequalities during socio-technical shifts and transformations. We sought to explore the political moments and materialities associated with the enactment of alternative, more emancipatory energy futures. An overarching aim of the symposium was to draw greater attention to the geographical elements of energy system transformation, by exploring their multiple material and spatial pathways and highlighting the role of contingencies such as place, scale and territory.

The agenda and abstracts of the symposium can be found here.