Workshop report: Fuel poverty and energy vulnerability in Europe

Harriet Thomson summarises the presentations and discussions that took place during a recent event on fuel poverty and energy vulnerability in Europe. The workshop was hosted in Manchester by the Centre for Urban Resilience and Energy and cities@manchester.

Moving beyond the polemic: Shale gas as a focal point for discussion on key energy issues

Unconventional gas exploitation has recently become a hot political issue across Europe (and the UK in particular), supplementing the intense public interest and controversy that it has continuously attracted in the US. University of Manchester doctoral researcher Craig Thomas reflects on his own work on the issue, as well as relevant recent and forthcoming work within the Centre forContinue reading “Moving beyond the polemic: Shale gas as a focal point for discussion on key energy issues”

The AAG in Tampa: Energy geographers take over

Following its overwhelming presence at the last three Annual Conferences of the Royal Geographical Society, energy geography research is now featured to a similar extent at the US counterpart of this event: the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG). This year’s meeting took place in Tampa (Florida) and was extremely well attended by geographers from across the world.Continue reading “The AAG in Tampa: Energy geographers take over”