Energy, austerity, informality workshop report

On the 21st of May 2014, the Centre for Urban Resilience and Energy (CURE) hosted a workshop on Energy, austerity, informality: Exploring the everyday politics of urban infrastructure. The event was organised under the auspices of the RGS-IBG funded EVENT project and co-financed by SEED’s Urban Champion scheme. Cities@manchester and the Energy Geographies Working Group of theContinue reading “Energy, austerity, informality workshop report”

The AAG in Tampa: Energy geographers take over

Following its overwhelming presence at the last three Annual Conferences of the Royal Geographical Society, energy geography research is now featured to a similar extent at the US counterpart of this event: the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG). This year’s meeting took place in Tampa (Florida) and was extremely well attended by geographers from across the world.Continue reading “The AAG in Tampa: Energy geographers take over”

Electrifying Manchester: Time for policy intervention in domestic heating?

As part of Policy Week at Manchester University, Manchester Energy and Tyndall Manchester hosted a public event to discuss how to improve domestic heating provision in Manchester and reduce energy vulnerability at a time of rising prices and pressing environmental challenges. Jenni Viitanen reports on some of the main discussion points made at this well attended and highly topical event.

(De)politicising energy vulnerability at the European scale

By Stefan Bouzarovski Continuing along the politicisation theme that Sergio started in his previous post, readers of this blog may find of interest my recent presentation at the 8th International Interpretive Policy Analysis Conference in Vienna. I participated, via an online link, in the panel on Arena Shifting and Urban/Regional Politics: Depoliticization, Conflict and Democracy. The presentation exploredContinue reading “(De)politicising energy vulnerability at the European scale”

EVALUATE team member participates at the RESPONDER conference

By Sergio Tiraro Herrero Last week I was in Barcelona for the 2nd ‘multinational knowledge brokerage’ event of the RESPONDER project – Sustainable housing in a post-growth Europe. Exploring Policy Options and Open Research Questions. The event was organized by the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), andContinue reading “EVALUATE team member participates at the RESPONDER conference”

Energy vulnerability conference in Manchester – a short report

By Stefan Bouzarovski I announced the Manchester energy vulnerability conference several times on this blog – it finally happened last week (between the 21st and 23rd of May)! The event provided an entire new range of perspectives on the emergent framework of ‘energy vulnerability’, which refers to the propensity of a household, community or stateContinue reading “Energy vulnerability conference in Manchester – a short report”

Health and well-being impacts of energy efficiency

By Saska Petrova Followers of this blog may be interested in the presentations and outcomes associated with the Roundtable on Health and Well-being Impacts of Energy Efficiency Improvements, held in Copenhagen last month as part of the International Energy Agency study on ‘Capturing the multiple benefits of energy efficiency’. The relationship between housing and energyContinue reading “Health and well-being impacts of energy efficiency”

Energising the US geography conference in Los Angeles

By Stefan Bouzarovski The centrality of energy issues to contemporary geographical debates was demonstrated at this year’s Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers in Los Angeles. We have already seen a rapid increase  of energy-related discussions at the UK equivalent of the AAG Annual Meeting – the Annual International Conference of the Royal GeographicalContinue reading “Energising the US geography conference in Los Angeles”