New paper by a member of the EVALUATE project team

Tirado Herrero, S., Ürge-Vorsatz, D., Petrichenko, K. 2013. Fuel poverty alleviation as a co-benefit of climate investments: evidence from Hungary. Proceedings of the ECEEE Summer Study 2013. 3-8 June 2013. Belambra Presqu’île de Giens, France.

More on illegal coal mining and energy vulnerability in Ukraine

By Sergio Tirado Herrero If you were interested in one of my previous blog posts about the documentary film Pit No. 8, here come some additional bits that follow up on some of the topics discussed: The fate of Yura and his sisters: during the filming of the documentary move, Estonian director Mariaana Kaat gotContinue reading “More on illegal coal mining and energy vulnerability in Ukraine”

New papers by members of the EVALUATE project team

By Saska Petrova Petrova S, Gentile M, Mäkinen I H, Bouzarovski S, 2013, Perceptions of thermal comfort and housing quality: Exploring the microgeographies of energy poverty in Stakhanov, Ukraine. Environment and Planning A 45(5): 1240-1257  This paper explores issues of thermal comfort in the home, based on a large-scale survey undertaken in Stakhanov in Ukraine. It investigates the relationship between a range of sociodemographic, housing,Continue reading “New papers by members of the EVALUATE project team”