Craig Thomas

CraigThomasSchool of Environment, Education and Development
University of Manchester

Craig Thomas is a PhD Human Geography Researcher at the University of Manchester. His supervisors are Noel Castree and James Evans. In 2012, Craig completed the MSc Environmental Governance including a dissertation looking at stakeholder perspectives of the Greater Manchester which sparked an interest in how our cities are governed and the way we as citizens (fail to) engage on key issues.

Craig’s current research looks at the case of shale gas development, or ‘fracking’ at the Barton Moss site in the City of Salford which is part of Greater Manchester. To build a theoretical framework, Craig has drawn on research into neoliberalisation, risk society and post-politics, using energy landscapes as a lens to focus on issues of place and citizenship.

Craig can be contacted at His research pages at the University of Manchester are located here and here.

His post can be found here.