Dr Alexandra Prodromidou

s200_alexandra.prodromidou Dr Alexandra Prodromidou is a Lecturer at the Business Administration and Economics Department, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield-City College, Thessaloniki and a research associate at the European Centre for Environmental Research and Training, Panteion University, Athens. She is a member of the EVENT project team working on energy vulnerability in Northern Greece. Her research interests include the effects that the rapid impoverishment of the Greek population has on the disappearing middle classes related to issues of energy vulnerability and energy poverty as well as perceptions on poverty issues and local mechanisms of resilience. Alexandra is also currently working on issues of Comparative Political Economy in Greece and Turkey and she is part of a wider collaborative network on Comparative Political Economy in Greece, Turkey and Spain among the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) in the UK, City College in Thessaloniki, Greece and Sehir University in Istanbul, Turkey. Her background is in International Relations and her PhD focuses on the use of Russian oil and gas companies as tools of foreign policy conduct in the Caspian region. Alexandra has been educated and has lectured at the University of Birmingham, University of Leicester and Nottingham Trent University in the UK and at the Panteion University in Greece.