Dr Jenni Viitanen

School of Environment, Education and Development
University of Manchester

JV picture

Jenni Viitanen is a postdoctoral researcher who was devoted her work to the linked domains of new information and communication technologies, energy and housing, framed in an urban context. Having previously worked for a national thinktank as well as in local government and housing in England’s northwest, she has a strong track record in policy relevant research and practice in the UK and within collaborative European settings. Her core research interests relate to cities, socio-technical interventions and their impacts on urban areas, which is rooted in her PhD research on ‘Citizenship in the electronically networked city‘ (2011).

She currently works on two CURE projects, the HOME project on energy issues in Houses in Multiple Occupancy, and a project focusing on community approaches to retrofit in social housing in Greater Manchester (with Saska Petrova and Andy Karvonen).

Jenni’s most recent and ongoing work includes:

  • Researcher on SMARTiP (Smart Metropolitan Areas Through Innovation and People), EC’s ICT Policy Support Programme, EUR2.2M.
  • Expert Advisor for IREEN – ICT Roadmap for Energy Efficient Neighbourhoods, FP7, EUR1.5M.
  • Co-Investigator in ‘Engaging Energy Customers’, Co-Managed Energy Innovation Fund with Scottish and Southern Energy and the University of Manchester Intellectual Property (£140k)
  • Co-Investigator “Crowdsourcing and domestic energy efficiency”, the University of Manchester Social Responsibility Flagship Support Fund (£15k)

Jenni’s posts on this website can be found here and here.