Dr Jeremy Carter

School of Environment, Education and Development
University of Manchester

Jeremy CarterJeremy Carter is a Research Fellow working at the University of Manchester. He is Co-Director of the Centre for Urban Resilience and Energy. Jeremy’s research focuses on environmental planning and management. Specific interests include urban climate change adaptation and resilience, spatial planning, and scenario planning. He has led research projects, delivered lectures and published peer reviewed academic papers across these fields.

He is currently working on two projects operating across sub-regional and international scales: EcoCities and Climate Proof Cities. Both projects focus on climate change adaptation and resilience in cities. The projects connect with and integrate policy makers and practitioners, which provides valuable routes for the development of collaborative outputs that have impact beyond the academic community.

Jeremy has several ongoing roles with organisations and groups who are working on climate change adaptation and resilience within policy and practice. He sits on Greater Manchester’s Natural Capital Group which works to coordinate and strengthen local action to protect and improve the city-region’s natural environment. He is also a member of the Northwest Climate Change Partnership and the Town and Country Planning Association’s Planning and Climate Change Coalition. He has worked with Europe’s Committee of the Regions to support their submission to the European Commission on the EU Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.

Jeremy carter’s staff pages at the School of Environment, Education and Development can be found here.

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