Dr. Roberta Pernetti and Marco Castagna

Roberta Pernetti is a Senior Researcher in the Institute of Renewable Energy at the EURAC in Bolzano. Her main fields of research deal with building energy refurbishment, building stock analysis, analysis and performance simulation of innovative building materials, building sustainability assessment tools and model calibration protocols. Currently she coordinates the “Project Saving Public Energy” that aimes to define a methodological approach for the eneRoberta Pernettirgy management of the building stock owned by the Province of Bolzano, defining tools and planning strategies for maintenance and renovation in order to reduce the energy demand. She also participated in the activities of Annex 67 on Energy Flexible Buildings, coordinating the activities of SubTask A for the development of a common terminology, and a classification method to assess the energy flexibility in buildings and the relative benefits.

She is a building engineer and she defended her PhD in 2013 at the University of Pavia, with a thesis on the definition and the use of building energy performance simulations.


Marco Castagna works as a researcher at the Institute of Renewable Energy at EURAC since 2007. He participated in several research projects aimed at monitoring and evaluating the Marco Castagnaenergy performance of buildings. He is involved in the development of new high energy efficiency buildings supporting the design team with simulation studies and coordinating the Integrated Design Processes (IDP). Currently he also works on the “Project Saving Public Energy” aimed to define a methodological approach for energy management of the building stock owned by the Province of Bolzano developing procedures and support tools for energy refurbishment of existing buildings. He also works on the FP7 SINFONIA project aimed to deploy large-scale, integrated and scalable energy solutions in mid-sized European cities in order to achieve 40 to 50% primary energy savings. The goal for two pioneer districts in Bolzano and Innsbruck within FP7 SINFONIA is to increase the share of renewables by 20%. Marco is a scientific consultant to the fair Bolzano and helps to organize an international conference as part of the fair KlimaEnergy.

Dr. Roberta Pernetti and Marco Castagna contributed with a guest post on the urban planning and monitoring of the Casanova district of Bolzano, Italy. It is a brand new and exemplary residential district planned according to the principles of sustainable cities.

Their guest post on planning and monitoring of the Casanova district in Bolzano, a new modern urban quarter, can be found here.