EVALUATE impact activities

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Selected presentations by Stefan Bouzarovski

  1. (invited lecture) UIO:Energy, University of Oslo, February 2018;
  2. (keynote speaker) European Energy Network conference, London, February 2018;
  3. (invited keynote presentation) Energy Geographies Research Group workshop, Manchester, January 2018;
  4. (plenary speaker) Launch of the EU Energy Poverty Observatory, Brussels, European Commission, Brussels, January 2018;
  5. (plenary presentation) European Commission’s Strategic Energy Technology Plan conference in Bratislava, attended by over 500 people, November 2017;
  6. (plenary presentation), roundtable on energy poverty, International Federation for the Safety of Electricity Users, Brussels, November 2017;
  7. (invited keynote), Université Europe seminar, French Federation of Social Housing Enterprises, Strasbourg, November 2017;
  8. Delivered a keynote talk and participated in a panel discussion at a seminar on ‘Climate Change, Decarbonization and the Urban Energy Transition’, University of Hamburg, October 2017;
  9. (keynote speaker, invitation declined) International Energy Agency expert group, Copenhagen, October 2017;
  10. (selected paper) Beyond Oil Conference, Bergen, October 2017;
  11. (session organizer, chair and discussant), RGS Annual Conference, London, August 2017;
  12. (plenary speaker) Ohrid Eco-Summer Festival, July 2017;
  13. (plenary speaker) EU Sustainable Energy Week, Brussels, June 2017;
  14. (plenary speaker) SHAPE ENERGY summer school, Lyon, June 2017;
  15. (plenary speaker) Green Inequalities conference, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, February 2017;
  16. (chair) Energy Action Scotland Annual Conference, Glasgow, November 2016;
  17. (invited keynote, declined), EMN Meeting on Energy and Sustainability 2016, November 2016, Osaka, Japan;
  18. (plenary speaker) Practical Engagements and the Social-Spatial Dimensions of the Post-Petroleum Future, Le Studium conference, Tours, November 2016;
  19. (chair) Covenant of Mayors workshop: tackling energy poverty in European regions and cities European Week of Regions and Cities, Brussels, October 2016;
  20. (plenary speaker) Energy Poverty Conference, Engineers Without Borders and Alliance for Energy Poverty, Barcelona, October 2016;
  21. (presenter, chair) European Urban and Regional Studies Conference, Chania, September 2016;
  22. (session organizer, presenter, chair, discussant) RGS Annual Conference, August 2016;
  23. (chair) Policy Exchange forum on fuel poverty, Brussels, July 2016;
  24. (organizer, chair, presenter), ‘Energy Infrastructure’ Researcher Links Workshop, Istanbul, June 2016;
  25. (panellist) ‘Energy poverty in South East Europe’ conference, European Parliament, Brussels, June 2016;
  26. (invited speaker, declined) Permanent Study Group (PSG) Energy of the European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels, 14thSeptember 2016;
  27. (invited speaker, declined) European Congress of Local Government, Krakow, April 2016;
  28. (session organizer, presenter, discussant) AAG Annual Meeting, San Francisco, April 2016;
  29. (invited speaker) DECC Seminar on Fuel Poverty, London, March 2016;
  30. (invited panelist) ‘Resource conflicts and social justice’ workshop, University of Sussex, February 2016;
  31. (invited seminar) ‘Energy crisis’, University of Lyon, December 2015;
  32. (invited seminar) ‘Justice, territory, energy’, University of Montreal, November 2015;
  33. (keynote speech) ‘Beyond Oil’ conference, University of Bergen, October 2015;
  34. (invited presentation and session chair) Seminar on energy and justice in the EU and Asia, Sciences-Po CERI, Paris, October 2015;
  35. (invited panel presentation) ‘The depoliticization of poverty: Governing energy vulnerability in post-communist cities’, 6thInternational Urban Geographies of post-communist states conference, Prague, September 2015;
  36. (selected paper) ‘Energy poverty in post-communist cities: landscapes of vulnerability’, 6thInternational Urban Geographies of post-communist states conference, Prague, September 2015;
  37. (selected paper) Unpacking the spaces and politics of energy poverty: Path-dependencies, deprivation and fuel switching in post-communist Hungary, RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, Exeter, September 2015;
  38. (organizer) Sessions on ‘Exploring vulnerabilities in the Anthropocene: the energy-climate nexus, RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, Exeter, September 2015;
  39. (invited seminar) ‘The neglected present: Path creation at the urban-energy nexus’. Newcastle Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies, University of Newcastle, June 2015;
  40. (selected paper) ‘Contesting electricity neoliberalization in the Western Balkans’, Fringe politics seminar, Queen Mary University of London, May 2015;
  41. (invited seminar) ‘Approaching electricity demand via a geographical lens: Research horizons and challenges’, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, April 2015;
  42. (invited seminar speaker) ‘Locating energy vulnerability in the city: Findings from the EVALUATE project’, RECOURSE Centre, University of Gdansk, March 2015;
  43. (invited seminar speaker) ‘Conceptualizing domestic energy demand: Towards a geographical perspective’, IRS Erkner, January 2015;
  44. (invited seminar speaker) ‘Services, needs, vulnerability: New ways of conceptualizing and addressing domestic energy deprivation’, Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, October 2014;
  45. (chair) ‘Beyond the fracking polemic: Energy futures & vulnerability’, University of Manchester, October 2014;
  46. (invited panel speaker) ‘Fighting fuel poverty: informing radical policy ideas for our cities’, Labour Party Conference, Manchester, September 2014;
  47. (invited panel speaker) Opening plenary session, High level policy conference organized by the Covenant of Mayors, Smart Cities and Communities – EU Energy Week, European Commission, Brussels, June 2014;
  48. (chair and organizer) ‘Telling stories with maps: The geoweb, qualitative GIS and narrative mapping’ Digital Humanities Hub, University of Birmingham, April 2014;
  49. (invited presentation) Conference presentation on ‘Energy vulnerability in the Western Balkans’ REACH workshop (funded by Intelligent Energy Europe), Ljubljana, Slovenia, April 2014;
  50. (keynote address via Skype) Conference on ‘Large-scale energy projects’, Södertorn University Stockholm, April 2014;
  51. (chair, organizer, panelist and discussant) Sessions on ‘Energy and the socioecological production of space’, ‘Operationalizing the geo-energy space’ and ‘Teaching energy geographies’, Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, April 2014;
  52. (invited seminar) ‘Energy vulnerability in Europe – new research agendas’, Institute of Geography, University of Gdansk, March 2014;
  53. (chair) Stakeholder roundtable on energy issues and policy in housing in multiple occupancy, London, February 2014;
  54. (invited seminar) ‘Retrofitted cities: Transforming buildings from within’ for the Manchester Architecture Centre, February 2014;
  55. (keynote presentation) ‘Energy pathways and scenarios’ conference, Skopje, January 2014;
  56. (invited seminar) ‘Energy vulnerability in Europe’, Southeast European Research Centre of the University of Sheffield and City College, Thessaloniki, January 2014;
  57. (keynote lecture) ‘The infrastructural precariat: energy vulnerability in the age of austerity’, Seminar on ‘Environments and Ecologies’, University of York, Centre for Urban Research, December 2013;
  58. (plenary speaker) ‘Tax Justice and Climate Change’ workshop, European Parliament, Brussels, 5thDecember 2013;
  59. (café scientifique), ‘Energy Security in the UK’, Birmingham Science Museum, November 2013;
  60. (chair) ‘Electrifying Manchester: Time for policy intervention in domestic heating?’ Policy@Manchester, November 2013;
  61. (invited paper) ‘European energy governance’, conference on ‘The UK’s Global Gas Challenge’ UK Energy Research Centre, London, November 2013;
  62. (plenary speaker) ‘The psychology of fuel poverty’ conference, Cheshire Lehmann Fund, London, November 2013;
  63. (selected paper) ‘Domestic energy vulnerability in Europe: recent spatial and temporal dynamics’, conference on ‘Energy Systems in Transition: Inter- and Trans-disciplinary Contributions’, Karlsruhe, Germany, October 2013, see blog post at http://wp.me/p3gnoe-9b;
  64. (invited seminar) ‘Energy poverty in Europe: Landscapes of vulnerability’, Leipziger Geographiches Kolloquium, October 2013;
  65. (plenary speaker) ‘Connecting energy transition and vulnerability: Geographical perspectives’, Deutscher Geographentag 2013, October 3013;
  66. (plenary speaker) Vulnerable Consumer Working Group, European Commission, September 2013;
  67. (plenary speaker) Kick-Off Meeting, EERA Joint Programme on Economic, Environmental and Social Impacts of Energy Policies and Technologies, Bilbao, September 2013;
  68. (invited presentation) workshop on ‘Urban governance: North and South’, LATTS, Paris, September 2013;
  69. (selected paper) Residential flexibility and building retrofits: Implications for the rise of energy vulnerability in post-socialist cities, Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change Annual Conference, London, September 2013;
  70. (discussant, panelist and convenor) Sessions on ‘New approaches to energy: Equity, justice and vulnerability’, ‘Developing graduate attributes; and World café on ‘Innovative energy and geography teaching’, Annual International Conference of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers, London, August 2013;
  71. (plenary speaker) ‘Energy vulnerability conditions and pathways’ workshop, UK Energy Research Centre, Manchester, May 2013;
  72. (organiser) Sessions on ‘Politicising energy consumption’, Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG), Los Angeles, April 2013;
  73. (plenary speaker) RGS-IBG Mid-term Postgraduate Conference, Birmingham, March 2013;
  74. (plenary speaker) Workshop on Innovative Energy, Environment and Geography Teaching, RGS-IBG, March 2013;
  75. (plenary speaker) ‘Energy poverty in Eastern and Central Europe’, Energy Action Fuel Poverty Conference 2013, Dublin, March 2013;
  76. (selected paper) ‘Political reconciliation and international energy relations: Governing energy transit in the Balkans’, conference on ‘Energy Transitions: Regulation of Energy Markets and Domestic, Regional and International Levels’, University of Joensuu, March 2013;

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Key policy inputs provided by the project include engagement with the EU Vulnerable Consumer Working Group, National Union of Students, European Social Platform, Westminster Sustainable Business forum, as well as the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Renewable and Sustainability Energy.

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