ECR event 2016

Advances in fuel poverty research and practice: a pan-European early career researcher symposium

On 20th September 2016 the University of Manchester hosted a pan-European symposium for early career researchers (ECRs) working on domestic energy deprivation issues.

This symposium sought to provide a supportive physical and virtual forum for ECRs from all disciplines to:

  • Share emergent research on or related to domestic energy deprivation;
  • Consider the development of an integrated and innovative conceptual framework for the research and amelioration of fuel poverty;
  • Develop national and international collaborations with public policy officials and civil society;
  • Further strengthen the existing multidisciplinary network of researchers from across Europe;
  • Foster a new generation of scholars and practitioners in this field.

The symposium featured 25 short presentations by ECRs and guest talks from Professor Stefan Bouzarovski and Professor Benjamin Sovacool (click to view presentations). Attendees also participated in group discussions on the current barriers to researching fuel poverty, and the unanswered questions in fuel poverty research. Overall, 41 people were attendance from all over Europe.

The event was held in partnership with National Energy Action (NEA), one of the UK’s leading fuel poverty charities, and was funded by Eaga Charitable Trust and the EVALUATE project at the University of Manchester. As part of this arrangement, 11 ECRs attended NEA’s annual conference (21st to 23rd September) and had the opportunity to display poster presentations of their research.

Steering Committee

Harriet Thomson, University of Manchester

Stefan Bouzarovski, University of Manchester

Neil Simcock, University of Manchester

Naomi Brown, Eaga Charitable Trust

Helen Stockton, National Energy Action

Victoria Pellicer, Universitat Politècnica de València

Sören Becker,  Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space

Sam Nierop, Ecofys

Ron Mould, Renfrewshire Council

Jan Frankowski, University of Gdansk