Dr Sergio Tirado-Herrero

School of Environment, Education and Development
University of Manchester

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Sergio is a Research Associate of the School of Environment, Education and Development at the University of Manchester. His research is placed at the nexus between energy, climate and poverty and has an explicit leaning towards issues of vulnerability, justice and inequality. As a member of the EVALUATE project team he is contributing to new ways of conceptualising and addressing fuel/energy poverty and vulnerability in Central and Eastern Europe. An environmental scientist with a background in environmental economics, in his PhD dissertation (2013) he undertook a detailed quantitative assessment of the multiple benefits of energy efficiency retrofits as a solution to the climate change and energy poverty challenges in Hungary. He is also the lead author of two widely cited reports on energy poverty in Spain, and a contributing author of the 2012 Global Energy Assessment.

Prior to joining the University of Manchester, Sergio held various research and project management positions at the Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policy (3CSEP) at Central European University (Budapest, Hungary), at the University of Alcala (Madrid, Spain), and at the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (Szentendre, Hungary). He has also had short teaching appointments at the National University of Equatorial Guinea (UNGE), the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN-León) and the UN Economic Commission for Latin American and the Caribbean (ECLAC). Since 2010 he is vice-president of the Spanish Association of Environmental Sciences.

Sergio can be contacted at sergio.tirado-herrero (at) manchester.ac.uk.

An archive of Sergio’s posts on this website can be accessed through this link.