Professor Stefan Bouzarovski

School of Environment, Education and Development
University of Manchester


Stefan Bouzarovski is Professor of Geography at the University of Manchester and Director of the Centre for Urban Resilience and Energy. His research interests are based in human geography (particularly social and political geography), social environmental science, political ecology, architecture, urban planning, development, and welfare economics. His work has mainly focused on the socio-technical, economic and political dynamics in the rise of energy poverty in developed and developing countries alike.

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A distinct strand of Stefan’s scholarship has scrutinized the geopolitics of energy, with a particular emphasis on the regulation of hydrocarbon flows via infrastructure and territory. He has also been interested in scientific efforts to unpack the manner in which household everyday practices are interwoven with the built fabric of inner-city areas. Underpinning much of this work is a desire to develop innovative methods for conceptualizing and representing space and territory. Stefan has co-ordinated (or currently co-ordinates) more than 40 research projects on this topic, while authoring more than 70 publications. His latest monograph is titled Retrofitting the City.

Prior to coming to Manchester, Stefan was based at the Universities of Oxford, London and Birmingham, in addition to holding visiting university appointments in Prague, Bruges, Berlin, Stockholm, Brisbane and Turin. In addition to these engagements, Stefan has also been an External Professor in Economic Geography at the University of Gdańsk since 2004 and has held a Visiting Professorship at the University of Bergen since 2015. The results of his research have been taken up by a number of governments and third sector organisations, in addition to the World Bank, United Nations, International Energy Agency, European Commission and Parliament.

Stefan can be contacted at stefan.bouzarovski (at) His staff pages at the University of Manchester are located here.

An archive of Stefan’s posts on this website can be accessed through this link.