The rise of the networked ghetto

Continuing our series of guest contributions about energy poverty in the Balkans, Rosalina Babourkova reflects on issues around electricity use in Roma settlements in Bulgaria and Macedonia.  Since my first visit to a Roma settlement in Bulgaria in 2007, I have been forever fascinated with electricity meters. The politics of electricity metering in Roma settlementsContinue reading “The rise of the networked ghetto”

Guest contribution – Untangling the puzzle of energy policy in Bulgaria

Continuing our previous discsussion about the (de)politicization of energy policy, this month’s last guest contribution takes a closer look at the current political and energy crisis in Bulgaria. It is written by Ralisa Hiteva – an energy geographer at the School of Environment and Development at the University of Manchester, whose doctoral research titled GeographiesContinue reading “Guest contribution – Untangling the puzzle of energy policy in Bulgaria”