Energy poverty discussed at the annual conference of the European Renewable Energy Council – EREC2013

Research associate Sergio Tirado Herrero participated in EREC2013 in Brussels last week, where he discussed energy poverty in a session about heating and cooling market action. Here is his account of some relevant aspects of the discussions that took place in the conference.

Research on energy poverty in Greece – update

The EVENT project commenced its programme of activities during July and August. These were undertaken amidst an atmosphere of rising controversy around questions of energy prices and energy poverty in Greece. Rapid increases in electricity tariffs during July became a major point of political contention in the country, especially as they are anticipated to continueContinue reading “Research on energy poverty in Greece – update”

Guest contribution: The challenges of switching away from district heating in Poland

This blog intends to provide a forum for discussing the broader political and social dynamics that underpin energy vulnerability. Therefore, we will regularly host guest articles which explore the issue from academic, policy- and practitioner-led perspectives. The first such contribution is provided by Alastair Moore, a Registered Professional Planner who holds a Masters in ResourceContinue reading “Guest contribution: The challenges of switching away from district heating in Poland”