Casanova district: planning an exemplary urban development in Italy

Guest contributors Roberta Pernetti and Marco Castagna present urban planning processes in the city of Bolzano and their monitoring research

Energy poverty discussed at the annual conference of the European Renewable Energy Council – EREC2013

Research associate Sergio Tirado Herrero participated in EREC2013 in Brussels last week, where he discussed energy poverty in a session about heating and cooling market action. Here is his account of some relevant aspects of the discussions that took place in the conference.

Guest contribution: The Spanish electricity market – a critical review

Following the discussion started in our previous post about energy poverty in Spain, guest contributor Aurèlia Mañé Estrada (University of Barcelona) gives us her critical views about the failures of the Spanish electricity market and recent legislative proposals presented by the Spanish governments last June 19th. Professor Mañé Estrada holds a PhD degree from the UniversityContinue reading “Guest contribution: The Spanish electricity market – a critical review”