The Geopolitical Economy of Global Gas Security and Governance: Implications for the UK

Gas Vector CurvedThis 2.5 year initiative, commencing in January 2012, was funded by the UK Energy Research Centre and represented a collaboration between the universities of Leicester, Manchester, Durham and Sussex, as well as the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.

The project aimed to develop a conceptual framework and methodology to analyse global gas security and governance. It identified the geopolitical drivers, actors, issues and risks shaping global gas security until the late 2020s, while assessing the consequences of these factors for the UK’s energy strategy and low carbon transition policy.

The project was led by Professor Michael Bradshaw as Principal Investigator. Co-investigators include Professors Gavin Bridge (Durham) and Jim Watson (Sussex). The University of Manchester component of the project, which was led by Professor Stefan Bouzarovski (as Co-Investigator) focused on the material and institutional underpinnings of natural gas circulations in the European geopolitical and economic space. This work emphasised the need for focusing on the complex political processes behind energy policy-making, so as to move beyond one-dimensional analyses solely dedicated to markets or ‘the state’ as an actor. There was a particularly strong focus on the constituent dynamics of energy governance at the EU scale.

The official website of the project can be found here.