The POWERTY project

The objective of the POWERTY project (Renewable energies for vulnerable groups) is to increase the use of renewable energies in vulnerable groups, funded by Interreg Europe, under the topic of the Low Carbon Economy.

New renewable energy installations will be facilitated to provide safe and clean energy to vulnerable households and households at risk of energy poverty. Companies supplying renewable energies will be encouraged to offer technological solutions that are adapted to vulnerable groups, activating their corporate social responsibility.

Given the exceptional conditions of these households, social innovation measures will be promoted, based on greater participation, integration and empowerment of vulnerable groups.

The project will develop a complete learning process to facilitate an effective knowledge flow between participating regions, counting on 6 partners with different complementary expertise and different levels of competences (regional/national) which enriches the transfer of knowledge.

Project Activities

Aim: More than 50 best practices and almost 50 events involving 60 stakeholders will establish 5 Regional Action Plans covering a population of more than 25 million inhabitants.

Events include four interregional thematic seminars, held online due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

  • The first was held in Spain, in November 2020 on the topic of Technological and Financial Issues
  • The second was held in France, in March 2021, on the topic of Energy Poverty and the Renewable Energy Normative
  • The third will be held in Poland, in June 2021, on the topic of Empowering and Engaging Local Authorities and Citizens

The collection of Good Practices, Knowledge Sharing and Bilateral Exchange is also a key component of the project.

Project Partners

Lead Partner:

  • Andalusian Energy Agency, Spain

Project Partners:

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