New research findings published by the EVALUATE project team

Visitors to this site may be interested in a recent presentation that was provided by two members of the EVALUATE team (Stefan Bouzarovski and Saska Petrova) to the panel on The Politics of Home. As we could not physically attend the meeting, we decided to provide a video presentation instead. A short clip containing the presentationm, titled Conceptualizing Energy Vulnerability: Why Home Matters is now available on youtube. It was prepared with the assistance of our colleague from the University of Cc. Cyril and Methodius – Dr Trena Jordanoska.

Also available online (for a subscription fee) is a WIRE Energy and Environment review by Stefan Bouzarovski titled Energy poverty in the European Union: Landscapes of vulnerability. This paper provides a comprehensive overview of current knowledge on energy poverty in the European continent, focusing on its driving forces, spatial characteristics and socio-economic implications. The paper pays special attention to the mechanisms through which the emergence of inadequate domestic energy services in the home is connected to broader governance practices and infrastructural assemblages (such as factors influencing the energy efficiency of the housing stock and the socio-technical nature of long-term vulnerabilities).

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