EVALUATE workshop on European energy vulnerability in Brussels

EvaluateThe EVALUATE project will be organizing a workshop on ‘Energy vulnerability in Europe’ at DG Energy in Brussels, on the 27th of February. The workshop is the first of its kind: It will provide a comprehensive picture of energy/fuel poverty and vulnerability research from across Europe. The work of 19 researchers from across the continent will be featured at the event, involving the results of latest work in Central, Eastern, Western and Southern Europe. We are expecting the attendance of decision-makers from a range of European Union institutions, in addition to representatives of the World Health Organization and the Centre for Sustainable Energy (who will present their work). Also in attendance will be members of the European Commission’s Vulnerable Consumer Working Group and the European Research Council, who are supporting the event. There will be approximately 30 participants.

The event should thus provide one of the first meeting points for the community of researchers, activists and practitioners with an interest in energy poverty/vulnerability issues in Europe, while assessing the state-of-art in the field and debating emergent approaches. It should also help bring about new ways of conceptualizing domestic energy deprivation, by providing a comprehensive picture of the multiple social and spatial dimensions of energy poverty across the continent.

The workshop programme is available here.

The book of abstracts received so far can be found here.

Watch this space for further updates!

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