Energy geographies at the RGS-IBG annual conference: Reflections

I have just returned from the Annual Conference of the Royal Geographical Society, which, once again, has been replete with energy-themed events. The Energy Geographies Working Group sponsored a total of 15 sessions; this means that, just as in 2012, it was possible to go to an energy session in every slot at the conference!Continue reading “Energy geographies at the RGS-IBG annual conference: Reflections”

A call for papers for the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers

Visitors to this site may be interested in this recently-issued call for papers, which aims to gather contributions that would explore the different ways in which energy flows and formations are interconnected with wider geophysical and social landscapes.

New paper by a member of the EVALUATE project team

Tirado Herrero, S., Ürge-Vorsatz, D., Petrichenko, K. 2013. Fuel poverty alleviation as a co-benefit of climate investments: evidence from Hungary. Proceedings of the ECEEE Summer Study 2013. 3-8 June 2013. Belambra Presqu’île de Giens, France.

A short report from Brazil: The relevance of energy issues to the recent protests

By Saska Petrova When we planned last month’s research visit to Brazil, Stefan Bouzarovski and I did not intend for it to take place during some of the largest protests in the country’s recent history. Yet witnessing the events in close proximity was a major eye opener: Many of the demonstrators’ grievances were closely related toContinue reading “A short report from Brazil: The relevance of energy issues to the recent protests”

(De)politicising energy vulnerability at the European scale

By Stefan Bouzarovski Continuing along the politicisation theme that Sergio started in his previous post, readers of this blog may find of interest my recent presentation at the 8th International Interpretive Policy Analysis Conference in Vienna. I participated, via an online link, in the panel on Arena Shifting and Urban/Regional Politics: Depoliticization, Conflict and Democracy. The presentation exploredContinue reading “(De)politicising energy vulnerability at the European scale”

New project: Energy vulnerability and alternative economies in Northern Greece

The 15th of July will see the start of the EVENT project (Energy vulnerability and alternative economies in Northern Greece), which aims to explore how experiences of domestic energy deprivation in this country are underpinned by the social and spatial infrastructures of everyday life. The endeavour is funded by the Royal Geographical Society with the InstituteContinue reading “New project: Energy vulnerability and alternative economies in Northern Greece”

EVALUATE team member participates at the RESPONDER conference

By Sergio Tiraro Herrero Last week I was in Barcelona for the 2nd ‘multinational knowledge brokerage’ event of the RESPONDER project – Sustainable housing in a post-growth Europe. Exploring Policy Options and Open Research Questions. The event was organized by the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), andContinue reading “EVALUATE team member participates at the RESPONDER conference”

New papers by members of the EVALUATE project team

By Saska Petrova Petrova S, Gentile M, Mäkinen I H, Bouzarovski S, 2013, Perceptions of thermal comfort and housing quality: Exploring the microgeographies of energy poverty in Stakhanov, Ukraine. Environment and Planning A 45(5): 1240-1257  This paper explores issues of thermal comfort in the home, based on a large-scale survey undertaken in Stakhanov in Ukraine. It investigates the relationship between a range of sociodemographic, housing,Continue reading “New papers by members of the EVALUATE project team”

Energy vulnerability conference in Manchester – a short report

By Stefan Bouzarovski I announced the Manchester energy vulnerability conference several times on this blog – it finally happened last week (between the 21st and 23rd of May)! The event provided an entire new range of perspectives on the emergent framework of ‘energy vulnerability’, which refers to the propensity of a household, community or stateContinue reading “Energy vulnerability conference in Manchester – a short report”

Announcing the energy vulnerability events in Manchester

By Stefan Bouzarovski Later this week, the University of Manchester will host an international conference on the spatial, social and environmental dimensions of energy vulnerability. I have already announced the call for papers and participants for this event several times on this blog …   The gathering, which is supported by the Meeting Place of the UK EnergyContinue reading “Announcing the energy vulnerability events in Manchester”