Electrifying Manchester: Time for policy intervention in domestic heating?

As part of Policy Week at Manchester University, Manchester Energy and Tyndall Manchester hosted a public event to discuss how to improve domestic heating provision in Manchester and reduce energy vulnerability at a time of rising prices and pressing environmental challenges. Jenni Viitanen reports on some of the main discussion points made at this well attended and highly topical event.

CURE team starts work on the HOME project

Together with Future Climate, we recently received funding from the EAGA Charitable Trust for a new project titled Housing in Multiple Occupancy: Energy Issues and Policy (HOME). Among other goals, the project will aim to improve the limited understanding of energy vulnerability (structural drivers, norms and coping strategies linked to energy use) among households living in multiple occupancy homes in theContinue reading “CURE team starts work on the HOME project”

Beyond the ‘sustainable city-region’ – prospects for urban intelligence

Joe Ravetz reviews experience from ‘CURE-1’ (Centre for Urban & Regional Ecology), and the prospects for ‘CURE-2’ – Centre for Urban Resilience & Energy. The text is based on an editorial for the Special Issue on ‘Urban Ecology and Resilience’, Town and Country Planning, October 2013.

CURE launch lecture

We are delighted to announce our official launch lecture. It will be delivered by Professor Harriet Bulkeley, and is titled Just Energy Transitions. Building on her own work on climate change and cities, Harriet will outline some of the key current challenges and opportunities at the nexus of urban energy transitions, climate and justice. The description of Harriet’sContinue reading “CURE launch lecture”

Energy transitions and vulnerability – interactions with German audiences

Earlier this month I spoke at three different events in Germany, focusing on various aspects of the relationship between energy transitions and vulnerability in European and other developed-world countries. Most of these presentations were based on the preliminary findings of the EVALUATE project. I first presented a paper in Passau, at the Deutscher Geographentag 2013Continue reading “Energy transitions and vulnerability – interactions with German audiences”

Another CURE-led call for papers for 2014 AAG: Energy and the socioecological production of space

Visitors to this blog may be interested in this call for papers for the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, which will take place between the 8th and 12th of April 2014 in Tampa, Florida. Energy and the socioecological production of space Organizers: Matt Huber (Syracuse University) Saska Petrova (University of Manchester) Energy is oftenContinue reading “Another CURE-led call for papers for 2014 AAG: Energy and the socioecological production of space”

New perspectives on urban energy governance

Last week I attended a fascinating two-day workshop organized by the Laboratoire Techniques, Territoires and Sociétés (LATTS) in Paris. The event focussed on urban energy governance in the global North and South, featuring a wide range of presentations from some of the most prominent researchers in the field. Its broad remit and interdisciplinary focus allowedContinue reading “New perspectives on urban energy governance”

New research findings published by the EVALUATE project team

Visitors to this site may be interested in a recent presentation that was provided by two members of the EVALUATE team (Stefan Bouzarovski and Saska Petrova) to the panel on The Politics of Home. As we could not physically attend the meeting, we decided to provide a video presentation instead. A short clip containing theContinue reading “New research findings published by the EVALUATE project team”

Research on energy poverty in Greece – update

The EVENT project commenced its programme of activities during July and August. These were undertaken amidst an atmosphere of rising controversy around questions of energy prices and energy poverty in Greece. Rapid increases in electricity tariffs during July became a major point of political contention in the country, especially as they are anticipated to continueContinue reading “Research on energy poverty in Greece – update”

Revamping urban-energy.org

As of today, this site has a new structure – from our initial aim to act as an information vehicle for the EVALUATE project, we are now starting to work towards providing a wider virtual home for the wide variety of energy and cities-related scholarship at the University of Manchester. The transformation, however, should notContinue reading “Revamping urban-energy.org”