Moss Side, Manchester. Photo courtesy of
Moss Side, Manchester. Photo courtesy of

EcoCities is an interdisciplinary research project that draws principally on the expertise of the University of Manchester’s Centre for Urban and Resilience and Energy (CURE) and the Manchester Architecture Research Centre (MARC). It is funded by property company Bruntwood and the Oglesby Charitable Trust.

Central to the work of EcoCities is the concept of building adaptive capacity. This concerns helping cities to develop the skills, knowledge and expertise necessary to adapt to the impacts of climate change. The core aim of EcoCities has been to undertake research to support the process of planning for a changing climate in Greater Manchester. It is hoped that the outputs produced within the project will also have wider relevance for other urban areas engaged in responding to the challenges and potential opportunities linked to climate change.

Key EcoCities outputs include a web-based spatial portal supporting climate change adaptation in Greater Manchester and reports and publications on climate change adaptation. They can be viewed at:

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