Dr Harriet Thomson

School of Environment, Education and
University of Manchester

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHarriet is a Research Associate within the Collaboratory for Urban Resilience and Energy and the geography discipline at the School of Environment, Education and Development. She is principally working on the EVALUATE project, but is also project manager of the new European Commission funded European Energy Poverty Observatory (EPOV).

Harriet’s background is in comparative social policy, and her research interests broadly concern institutional theory, the European Union polity, climate change and domestic energy deprivation.

Through her doctoral research, which she completed at the University of York in 2015, Harriet conducted a detailed multi-methods investigation into fuel poverty in the European Union. This involved qualitative analysis of policy documents spanning 2001 to 2014, and quantitative analysis of a new household-level index based on EU-SILC data.

In addition to her PhD, Harriet has held research positions at the University of Ulster, and the University of York, working on a diverse portfolio of projects including a feasibility study of biomass heating in Northern Ireland, and an examination of the relationship between fuel poverty and disability. Harriet also has experience working at an energy service company (ESCO) project managing local renewable energy grant schemes. In 2011, Harriet founded the EU Fuel Poverty Network, which is a widely recognised online portal that aims to raise awareness of fuel poverty issues across the EU.

She has published in a variety of academic journals, and is Associate Editor of the international journal Energy Research & Social Science.

A previous guest post by Harriet on this site can be found here. Harriet’s Twitter account is @harrimus.

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