Papers and presentations

Following is a list of recent outputs published by the EVALUATE project team as a result of ongoing and recent research.


Bouzarovski S, 2016. Retrofitting the City: Residential Flexibility, Resilience and the Built Environment. London: IB Tauris.

Edited books:

Bouzarovski S, 2016. Energy Poverty in Southeast Europe: Surviving the Cold. Zagreb: South East Europe Sustainable Energy Policy.

Simcock N, Thomson H, Petrova S, Bouzarovski S, 2017. Energy Poverty and Vulnerability: A Global PerspectiveLondon: Routledge.


Bouzarovski S, Simock N, 2017. Spatializing energy justice. Energy Policy.

Thomson H, Snell C, Bouzarovski S, 2017. Health, Well-Being and Energy Poverty in Europe: A Comparative Study of 32 European Countries. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 14(6): 584.

Thomson H, Bouzarovski S, Snell C, 2017. Rethinking the measurement of energy poverty in Europe: a critical analysis of indicators and data. Indoor and Built Environment.

Bouzarovski S, Tirado Herrero S, Petrova S, Frankowski J, Matoušek R, Maltby T, 2017. Multiple transformations: theorizing energy vulnerability as a socio-spatial phenomenon. Geografiska Annaler B 99: 20-41.

Bouzarovski S, Tirado Herrero S, 2017. The energy divide: Integrating energy transitions, regional inequalities and poverty trends in the European Union. European Urban and Regional Studies 24: 69–86.

Bouzarovski S, Tirado Herrero S, 2017. Geographies of injustice: the socio-spatial determinants of energy poverty in Poland, the Czech Republic and HungaryPost-Communist Economies 29: 27-50.

Bouzarovski S, Sýkora L, Matoušek R, 2016. Locked-in post-socialism: rolling path dependencies in Liberec’s district heating systemEurasian Geography and Economics.

Bouzarovski S, Cauvain S, 2016. Spaces of exception: Governing fuel poverty in England’s multiple occupancy sectorSpace and Polity 20: 310-329.

Cauvain S, Bouzarovski S, 2016. Energy vulnerability in multiple occupancy housing: a problem that policy forgotPeople, Place & Policy Online 10: 88-106.

Bouzarovski S, Tirado Herrero S, Petrova S, Ürge Vorsatz D, 2015. Unpacking the spaces and politics of energy poverty: path-dependencies, deprivation and fuel switching in post-communist Hungary. Local Environment, 21: 1151-1170.

Bouzarovski S, Petrova S, 2015. A global perspective on domestic energy deprivation: Overcoming the energy poverty–fuel poverty binary. Energy Research & Social Science 10: 31-40.

Bouzarovski S, Bradshaw M, Wochnik A, 2015. Making territory through infrastructure: The governance of natural gas transit in EuropeGeoforum 64: 217-228.

Bouzarovski S, 2014. Energy poverty in the European Union: Landscapes of vulnerability. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Energy and Environment 3: 276-289.

Book chapters:

Bouzarovski S, Tirado Herrero S, Petrova S (2017) Energy vulnerability trends and factors in Hungary. In Grossmann K, Shaffrin A, Smigiel C (eds) Energie und Soziale Ungleichheit. Berlin: Springer.

Bouzarovski S (2017) Geographies of energy poverty and vulnerability in the European Union. In Grossmann K, Shaffrin A, Smigiel C (eds) Energie und Soziale Ungleichheit. Berlin: Springer.

Bouzarovski S, Tirado Herrero S, 2016. Understanding the core-periphery divide in the geographies of European energy poverty. In Csiba K (ed) Energy Poverty Handbook. Brussels: European Union.

Petrova S, 2016. Challenging energy poverty policies: insights from South-Eastern Europe. In Heffron R, Little GM (eds) Delivering Energy Law and Policy in the EU and the US: A Reader. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Bouzarovski S, Tirado Herrero S, 2015. The energy divide: Connecting energy transitions with regional inequalities. In Centre international de formation européenne (ed) L’Europe en Formation. Paris: Cairn.

Bouzarovski S, Petrova S 2015. The EU energy poverty and vulnerability agenda: An emergent domain of transnational action. In Tosun J, Biesenbender S, Schulze K (eds) Energy Policy Making in the EU: Building the Agenda. Berlin: Springer.

Video presentations:

2014 Belfast Fuel Poverty Symposium video. By Sergio Tirado Herrero. Presentation of the paper ‘Energy vulnerability in the EU: A multi-scalar assessment of domestic energy deprivation patterns’ (Sergio Tirado Herrero, Stefan Bouzarovski and Saska Petrova).

Conceptualizing energy vulnerability: Why home matters. A custom-made video presentation by Stefan Bouzarovski and Saska Petrova for the Annual Conference of the Canadian Association of Geographers, August 2013.

Presentation by Stefan Bouzarovski and other academics at the opening of the Centre for Urban Resilience and Energy, University of Manchester, November 2013.

The infrastructural precariat. Keynote lecture by Stefan Bouzarovski at the ‘Post crash cities: Environments and Ecologies’ seminar in York, December 2013.

Working papers:

Tirado Herrero S, Bouzarovski S (2014) Energy transitions and regional inequalities in energy poverty trends: Exploring the EU energy divide. USAEE Working Paper No. 14-193: 1-45. 

Bouzarovski S, Petrova S, Tirado Herrero S (2014) From fuel poverty to energy vulnerability: The importance of services, needs and practices. SPRU Working Paper.. 25: 1-28.

Blog posts:

Bouzarovski S, Petrova S 2015 The need for joined up thinking on energy and cities. Policy@manchester.

Bouzarovski S 2014 Collectivities matter. Cities@manchester.

Bouzarovski S 2013 We need an ambitious and comprehensive fuel poverty policy. UKERC blog.

Bouzarovski S 2013 Energy poverty in Eastern and Central Europe: Announcing the EVALUATE project. EU Fuel Poverty Network.

Tirado Herrero S 2013 Fuel poverty in Hungary. EU Fuel Poverty Network.

Policy briefs

Brief no. 1 (June 2014)  on EU price trends and patterns of fuel poverty;

Brief no. 2 (April 2015) on the institutional and political driving forces of energy vulnerability;

Brief no 3. (March 2016) on household-level patterns of energy vulnerability;

Brief no 4. (September 2017) on lived experiences of energy deprivation.